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Hello My Name is Phil

If you want to save some money and want the satisfaction of building something of your own then this is the DVD for you. Building your own Advertising Roof Rack Banner is easy and cheap. You can use it to advertise anything from your website to the name of your business.

Advertising is all about creating impressions so the more imaginative you are the more impact your banner will make. Driving around with your own roof rack banner exposes your business to thousands of potential customers by simply doing what you're doing already.........driving.....or just having it parked outside your home or business.... without breaking the bank!! You literally 'drive' your advertising campaign message to any desired location at a fraction of the cost.


The DVD is just over an hour long and in it I show you how to make one from scratch using cheap materials from the local diy store.


Not only is vehicle advertising the most cost-effective advertising technique available,

but it is also guaranteed to reach more people than

newspapers, television, magazines or radio.


Benefits to building your own Advertising Banner:

    The personal satisfaction of building something of your own.

    Low Cost - High Impact

    A new skilled learned

   Instant exposure......  Whenever Business is slow hook it on your roof and off you go. 

    Most importantly SAVES you MONEY on Advertising 


Want To Learn Everything About Making Your Own Roof Rack Advertising Banner?




My DVD Will Show You How

Imagine the number of people your Roof Rack Advertising

Banner could influence if they were on the roads 24 hours a day!


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Which Include:-

An Electric Car project- I want to see what is actually possible and if its worth it !

Bio Diesel- How to make your own system ,what does it cost? where do I get all the materials etc?

Check out my other website www.Cobalt-Minor.co.uk for other projects I have undertaken including

The fitting of a Hydrogen Kit To My Very Own Car & Got Over 67 MPG!!!


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