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"Watch And Learn How You Can Repair And Service Your Own Corsa B Or Combo And Save A Fortune By Seeing Every  Detail In All The Jobs Listed Below With Over 5 Hours Of Detailed DVD Video..... 

"Almost like you are looking over my shoulder"

  This is a few clips from the DVD to show you the kind of detail we go into 

Hello My Name Is Phil

Welcome to my Corsa B DVD Workshop Manual page. We all know that owning a car and keeping it on the road can be very expensive. Not only do you have to pay for car tax, insurance, petrol costs, yearly mot/service, you also have to payout every time something goes wrong!! But why pay for repairs that you can do yourself? Most maintenance checks only take a few minutes and all you will need is a few basic tools to do the job and of course a little time!! So I've filmed this DVD which is over 5 hours long and covers many of the most common jobs on the Corsa B. Some people have even taken DVD players or their laptops out with them to follow the  step by step instructions!! Have a look at my testimonials !

If you take another look at the pictures at the top of the page you'll see the kind of details and close ups we have done. You literally are my student for the whole 5 hours and its you  I want to show and teach how to fix your own car, whether its a simple oil and filter change or a wheel bearing or even a clutch change which involves taking the gearbox off !! 

I believe you are capable of doing it ! Yes You! When you have read some of the stuff below, oh and I talk to you in a real world way not a pompous classroom style after all its me Phil just another car fan that enjoys filming stuff being done to cars, scroll to the bottom and read some of the feedback I've received on my other DVDs and you'll get the idea. 

It could be the best 12 quid you've spent ! Even if you do decide to go to the garage for a repair you will know how long jobs take and what's involved and you can use this information to make sure you don't get ripped off ever again. So read on and when you feel ready click on the link and order your copy. You Won't be Disappointed.

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Corsa B Air filter | Oil filter | Oil | Fuel filter | Timing belt | Timing belt Tensioner | Fan belt | Glow plugs | Water pump | Alternator | Power steering pump | 

Ok we start under the bonnet with the camera almost on my shoulder so you see every detail of the jobs we do. From changing the air filter to removing the air box for better access when we change the timing belt. I even tell you which size spanners you will need to do the job! Then we find the oil filter and I discuss the options for undoing a stuck one and a simple idea for catching the old oil you drain out. The easy way to change the Fuel filter is something else we spend some time on because there's an easy way to make sure your car will start after you have changed it because most likely it will not start after. It's the same technique when you run out of fuel!. Once again every detail is covered in the DVD.

When we get to the timing belt you see every detail like you're standing there with me, because you almost are! and I'm showing you how to do it in every detail including a personal trick that will save you time and trouble when it comes to tensioning the belt. Both the fan belt and the power steering pump belt have to come off to change the timing belt so while we are there we look at changing the water pump including its location, size of bolts and what to do. Then the Alternator and the power steering pump themselves including once again the size of bolts, spanner sizes and exactly what to do are all explained. Last but not least and often overlooked, the Glow plugs are very easily changed and tested. 

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Corsa B Brake pads | Brake discs | Calipers | CV boot | CV joint | Wheel bearing | Steering rack gaitor | Ball joint | Hub | Track rod end | Springs | Shock absorbers | Drive shafts | McPherson Strut mounts | Engine mounts | Gear box mounts | Suspension arms | 

Ok when we're under the front of the car together we start with the brake pads and all the tools you will need to change them and how to determine the state of wear, then we move on to changing the discs and the wheel bearing and of course at each stage of the job we look at ways to make it quicker and easier. None of the main jobs require any special tools or even knowledge, once you have seen the DVD with every sequence and nut and bolt you will need to undo. 

While we're in the wheel arch we change a wheel bearing and I tell you how to press the new one in (after you've smashed the old one out!) without using a press. You don't even need more than a few tools to change a Ball joint or a CV joint or Drive shaft boot. It's all in there in detail including the irritating clip that's hard to find!. 

Front shocks and springs are a doddle to change and can be done in around 40 minutes per side with only 4 spanners!.   The Trackrod ends and Steering rack gaitor may need you to get your Corsa B re-tracked unless you follow the simple trick that's on the DVD. 

Engine and Gearbox mounts, of which there are three, are all shown in the DVD including the size of the nuts and bolts that hold them in place and their location and technique and tools needed to change them. 


Corsa B Clutch | Clutch | Gearbox | Starter motor | Flywheel | Release bearing | Gear linkage | Exhaust | Battery | 

One of the biggest jobs you can do is a clutch change or gearbox. So, we cover every nut and bolt with your unique perspective from right beside me, sometimes closer!, we start with the battery and other cumbersome bits that restrict our access to the nuts and bolts we need to get at to change the gearbox or clutch. It's better to move them out of the way for better access, especially when they only take 5 minutes to remove. The Starter motor has to come off before the gearbox so we film every detail and electrical connection. Once the gearbox is off I show you how NOT to damage or buckle any of the clutch components and we also change the Release bearing in real time so you don't miss a thing. We film the exhaust from front to back and show every nut, bolt and mounting on the system and where they most commonly leak!. 

Corsa B Brake shoes | Handbrake | Wheel bearing | Wheel cylinders | Rear shocks | Rear springs | Brake drums | 

At the rear end of the car we pull the brake drums off and the shoes and stick them on the bench and get a much closer look at all the components and show how they work and every detail of changing them. I show where to use grease on the braking system and of course where not to and what causes brakes to squeal and how to stop it. 

Changing the wheel bearing  is simple and you will know every detail as if you had already done one because the memory of the DVD will be in your mind so you WILL know what you are talking about when asked or worst ways at the garage getting a quote. 

Changing your rear shocks and springs is also very easy (mine were broken and took 8 minutes to change!!!). There is literally four bolts holding both rear springs and shocks on (both sides!), so why anyone with a basic tool kit and common sense would pay to have these jobs done is a mystery especially when you have the DVD and have watched every detail on how to do it. 

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Corsa B Headlights | Bulbs | Bumper Iron | Bumper skin | Radiator | Electric fan | Grill | 

After we finish the Clutch and all the associated bits n bobs we look at the front of the Corsa B and remove the headlights and have a close-up of the connections and bulb holders. Then I show you every nut, bolt and screw that holds the front bumper on as we pull it off including the couple of bits you have to be aware of to get the bumper off. 

With the skin removed we can see and get at the bumper iron and see how easy that is to remove and then we follow all the pipes and wires with the camera so you can see exactly how the radiator comes out and it will seem like you are there learning the job and skills!.

Corsa B Rear bumper | Rear light units | Bulbs | Bumper skin | Bumper iron | Number plate light | 

After we've done the brakes we look at the rest of the back end of our Corsa B and take the bumper, light units and bulb holders out including the number plate light which is mounted in the bumper. There are a couple of tricky screws and potential problems you may come across, luckily, I encounter them on the DVD so you wont!!  Mirror change too, first we do a glass change and I show you how to do it without breaking the glass and then we remove a complete electric mirror. 

I mention and point out much more but this page is getting a bit long now so we better finish up by saying

If you want to learn a lot in a short amount of time then this is the DVD for you and your Corsa, Its taken many years to learn these skills and now it only takes a few hours to pass it on. Don't miss out ! you've taken the time to read my page now benefit from my experience and practical knowledge. As I said earlier just one detail on the DVD could save you many, many times its small cost ! Imagine the satisfaction of knowing that No Garage can blind you with technical terms if you have to go to one !!!

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"Very informative, a good reference video, would recommend to anyone doing up a car"

"Good quality product, very fast delivery"

"excellent service. viewing tonight with a tin of beer bye and thanks"

"excellent, very quick delivery, recommend to anyone, great viewing, many thanks."

"cheers Phil very good will inspire many to have a go themselves"

"Excellent DVD, Very Informative....."

"Great DVD. Nice one Phil. Keep up the good work."

"best DVD I have watched in a long time very entertaining"


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